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AirLumba's products

Designed and Developed with


Since 1997

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Automotive Standards

Research and development with Toyota engineers in Thailand And test standards Global Toyota or Toyota Worldwide to get technology and standards.


For each Toyota model from 1997 to create benefit and safety all consumers

LiveRight Community

AirLumba creates a healthy society through activities to educate about healthy living in cars and in the daily life all over Thailand with TOYOTA since 2016


Exclusive Partnership

Toyota Motor Thailand's management team has always shown their determination to provide good and useful things to Toyota customers.


Creating a Healthy Experience in TOYOTA Cars AirLumba is a standard function from the Toyota assembly plant and is only available at Toyota dealers.


Therefore, it has been well received by Toyota customers that Toyota is the first and only car brand that cares about the back health of consumers in Thailand.

Automotive Standard

AirLumba also uses high-quality materials to meet world-class automotive standards. by using flame retardant materials that pass safety standards It is free of volatile substances harmful to health and the environment (S0C 11 items) and is resistant to temperatures from -20 to 80 degrees


300% Quality Check

AirLumba has passed the Thermal Shock test produced by the automotive parts industry-standard factory. Certified to ISO9002, IATF16949, and ISO14001. Including Green Industry Level 3, you can be confident that every AirLumba product is a premium product that meets the standards, is safe, and free from harmful substances.

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