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Special Gift Set for your Healthy Lifestyle

"Details and conditions for gift redemption

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AirLumba Pro Expert Polo Shirt 

Introducing the latest collection: AirLumba Pro Expert Polo Shirt. Put it on, and you'll effortlessly look cool. We've carefully selected the most comfortable material, making it suitable for all your activities.

AirLumba Case

GOOD HEALTH is the best WEALTH AirLumba Case cloth bag designed for environmentally conscious individuals, featuring a simple design suitable for everyone.



LiveRight Live Forward

The AirLumba LiveRight LiveForward Manual: allows you to assess your muscle flexibility, offering exercise postures suitable for various back anatomies, even for those with significant curvature. This book provides valuable insights regardless of your back's natural shape.

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AirLumba New Normal

Physical therapy books that encourage a greater focus on our health and well-being.

Back Pain, TOYOTA, Ergonomic

Customers who bought any AirLumba product model are eligible. To register for the AirLumba Gift Set, simply provide your receipt from an authorized Toyota dealer or an AirLumba Partner store here.

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