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AirLumba Pro Expert by Toyota is an authentic accessory designed for lower back care, targeting the core of the nervous system. It employs Air Motion Technology to encourage gentle, continuous movement in the lower back.


Features :

The system begins by targeting the lower back and moves up to the mid-back level, alternating between 3 levels, targets the lower back for 15 minutes, moves to the mid-back for 55 minutes, totaling 70 minutes per cycle. It stops automatically but can be restarted by pressing the switch. AirLumba Pro Expert ensures continuous gentle back movement during the entire journey.

How to use :

1. Start the engine

2. Simply activate the AirLumba Pro Expert switch, the system alternates between 3 levels, targeting the lower back for 15 minutes and the mid-back for 55 minutes, totaling 70 minutes per cycle.

3. To restart, turn the switch off and on again.

Usage Recommendations:

Pregnant individuals, those with spinal enhancements, and those with existing back concerns should consult a physician before use.

Do not activate AirLumba Pro if child seats are installed.

Avoid sharp objects near the cushion to prevent damage.

Ordering and Installation:

Available at Toyota service centers nationwide.

Price: 49,000.00 Baht per seat

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  • Can only be installed on the right front seats.

  • Can be installed with Fortuner models from May 2019 onwards.

  • One set per seat.

  • Installation fee not included.

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